Do you have a property in Woodford that needs updating or improving? Your local handyman service at MK Handyman London is able to complete a wide range of work to bring your property up to date and looking great. Whether you have small jobs such as repairs or decorating, or you want a brand new kitchen or bathroom, our skilled team are ready to help.

DIY or Hired Handyman?

There are definite benefits to completing DIY projects yourself. You could save money, you are able to complete the work at a time and pace that is convenient for you and the sense of accomplishment when you finish a project is a great feeling. However, there can also be some major drawbacks. You may need to buy new tools or equipment to complete the job, you could find that what you thought would be a simple job is actually a lot more complex and it may take much longer than anticipated. 

These issues can be avoided by hiring MK Handyman London to complete these jobs for you. As experts in property maintenance, repairs and improvements, we have the expertise and experience to complete a wide variety of work in and around your property. This takes the hassle away from you, the work will be completed within an agreed timeframe, and it could actually save you money.

Know the Costs Before We Start Work

At MK Handyman London we always ensure that we are open and transparent about our pricing structure. Customers can access details of our hourly, half day and full day rates to have an idea about how much labour might cost for a project. For a detailed breakdown of the costs, our team will provide you with a full quote of the work to be completed before starting any work. Our free, no-obligation quotes will include costs of labour, parts of materials and any other charges such as parking or congestion charges. We will never include any hidden charges or additional costs so you will know right from the start what the work will cost you.

Services That We Can Offer in Woodford

We provide a very comprehensive range of services that can be accessed by both owners of residential and commercial properties. Take a look at some of our most requested services below:

  • Improvements – if your property is looking a bit tired and worn, we can help bring it up to date with a professional painting and decorating service.
  • Repairs – all properties are in need of repairs from time to time and if you have any of these then we will be very happy to help, inside your property or outside of it.
  • Plumbing – our professional plumbers are qualified to complete the full range of plumbing services, including installing or repairing toilets, showers, baths and sinks, and new piping.
  • Electrical Services – our qualified electricians can find and fix electrical faults, install new electrical systems or appliances, and install or repair light fittings, switches and sockets. 
  • Carpentry – for furniture repairs, custom made furniture or any joinery tasks within your property, our experience carpenters will be happy to complete to a very high standard.

Call MK Handyman Today

If you know what jobs you need to be completed around your property then get in touch with us today and we can start the process of providing you with a free, no-obligation quote. If you are unsure what work needs to be completed, then we can help you to consider all of the options and decide on what is right for you. Call us today, we are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Our Services in E18 Woodford