Handyman services are a perfect way of getting any household DIY jobs you have up to date. At MK Handyman London we provide these services across Moorgate and always ensure we complete work to a highly professional standard. If you have a property in Moorgate and would like to find out more about what we can do, read on or get in touch to find out more about us.

DIY vs MK Handyman London

There are lots of people who love to do a bit of DIY around the home but will often find that there isn’t enough time to get everything done. Different tasks can require a variety of different tools and it’s likely that not every household has all the equipment needed, regardless of how much DIY you enjoy doing. There are also lots of people who don’t enjoy DIY at all. At MK Handyman London we are available to help in any of these situations and have the skills, expertise, and equipment to complete any tasks to a high standard. 

What MK Handyman London Can Offer

As a handyman service, we offer a full range of work that includes:

  • Flooring – we can install and repair a full range of flooring types that includes laminate, linoleum, tile, vinyl or wood flooring. 
  • Doors & Windows – we are able to install windows, front doors, patio and sliding doors. We can also carry out repairs to doors and window frames, install window shutters and provide weatherproofing.
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms – our team can install brand new kitchens and bathrooms, including cabinets, countertops and kitchen islands, toilets and showers, and bathroom mirrors and carry out any repairs.
  • Plumbing – our qualified plumbers can install pipes, sinks, toilets and faucets and carry out repairs to any of these items. We also provide a sewer cleaning and unblocking service.
  • Electrical – we have qualified electricians who can install new electrics, find and fix electrical faults, and install and repair light fixtures and wall switches or sockets.
  • Building Work – we can provide a range of building work that includes install of ceilings, crown modelling installation and repair, drywall repairs and finishing, and attic and basement stair installation.


Maintenance of Your Property is Easy

Whatever property you have, will need maintenance to ensure that it stays in a good state of repair. This is important not just for the look of the building but can also help to keep costs down in other areas such as heating. Keeping up to date with maintenance is easier and cheaper than fixing things when they break and at MK Handyman London, we can provide a wide range of maintenance services to keep your property in good shape!

With a team that includes people qualified and experienced to carry out electrical work and plumbing, we are available to ensure these services in your property are well maintained and working efficiently. 

Honest Pricing With no Hidden Costs

Receiving a final invoice with additional charges that you hadn’t known about is something that we simply don’t agree with at MK Handyman London. If you are looking for work to be completed in Moorgate, then we can ensure you know exactly what it will cost before we start any of the work. We will provide you with a free no-obligation quote for you to consider and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about costs. If any aspect of the work needs to change during a project, including changes that might on costs, this will also be done with your full knowledge and agreement. 

Let us Know How we Can Help

If you have a list of household jobs that you want to get done and don’t have the time to do them yourself, get in touch with MK Handyman London today and we can let you know how we can help.

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