When you have jobs that need to be done in your home or business premises, finding a builder, electrician or carpenter can be costly and time consuming. Many trades are under enormous pressure and this leads to long waiting lists and problems that can feel overwhelming and unmanageable. Rather than trying to find the solution with DIY, there is another option; handyman services in Monument. Find out more about how handyman services in Monument work and then get your booking made so that you can look forward to a solution that really works!

What Does a Handyman Service in Monument Offer?

If you’ve never used a handyman service before, you’d be forgiven for not knowing what it can offer. In reality, no two handyman services are the same and many handyman businesses only offer one or two areas of expertise, which can be frustrating when you have a varied list of jobs that need to be done.

At MK Handyman London, we’ve worked hard to offer a full-solution for all our clients, with a huge variety of services ready for you to enjoy. Some of the most commonly requested jobs include:

  • Assembly and Installation of Furniture
  • Hanging Curtains, Blinds, Artwork and More
  • General Building Tasks and Preparation Work
  • Renovation Work Across Any Room
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Installation
  • Heating and Boiler Support in Emergencies or Regular Check Ups
  • Electrical and Plumbing Work Including Wiring and Pipework
  • Exterior Painting and Landscaping
  • Patio and Decking Installation
  • Interior Painting and Decoration
  • Carpentry Work Including Doors, Railings and Custom Shelving
  • And Much More!

The reason we can offer so much to our clients is that we have employed a diverse team with a range of qualifications and expertise. From plumbers to Gas Registered engineers and electricians to carpenters, our team are vetted experts who are raring to go!

How Much Do Handyman Services in Monument Cost?

Finding a Monument-based handyman service that offers what you need is one thing, but you will also need to think about costings before you are ready to proceed. At MK Handyman London, we offer a clear pricing structure that is broken down by timing, day and expertise. 

For example, you will pay less for a handyman with us than you will for an electrician or boiler expert. This is because we feel it is important that you only pay for what you need, rather than paying a blanket fee across the board.

In addition, we operate our normal working hours from Mon-Sat, but the price you pay will depend on the day and time you choose. We know that many of our clients need a service that can fit around their work life and so we offer extended hours to help you get the support you need. If you are unsure about costings or you’d like a no-obligation quote, our team would be happy to provide this for you.

Talk To MK Handyman London Today

Now you have a clear idea of what our handyman service can offer, you will probably want to know what to do next? It’s simple – just contact us! You can send us an email, give us a call, fill out our website contact form or even message us on social media because we know that everyone has a contact preference they like to use!

Once you have reached out, our team will work with you to provide the advice, information or quotation you have requested and book your appointment at a time that works for you. Get in touch today and let us get your property looking fantastic once again.

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